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Chạm khẽ bước nhanh

* Dùng điện #iot_nfc thoại điều khiển  thiết bị trong nhà 

* Chia sẻ Namecard điện tử NFC-vcard 

* Track&Trace với @nfc2cloud



Set innovation #iot_nfc  to LIFE

* Smarthome as "NFC Timer socket"

* Secure device as "e-PIN switch"

* SmartToy as "e-music box"

* Gift and souvenir for e-wish

* Booking and publishing e-protect

Make all thing in 1 second by #NFC-phone as daily request.

Our Product

* Retails: Mobile NFC reader for POS

* Event: Check-in in 1 second by App

* Education: 

* Track&Trace: Product e-label use

   - e-warranty

   - geo tag for special product

   - e-manual with youtube clip

   - Original signature for Artist

   - Reseller, distributor e-tag

* Smarthome as "NFC Timer socket"

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